Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hightlights from the 2016 Boston Massacre Reenactment

I got Massacred In Boston,
and all I got was this lousy Striped Calamanco Waistcoat

The March 5, 2016 reenactment of the Boston Massacre attracted dedicated historical interpreters from near and far, with contingents traveling up from Virginia, down from Ticonderoga and from many parts in between.  There were scores of impressions on display of the highest caliber, and still there is talk among participants about how to raise the bar for next year's event.  It was an honor to be involved with such a well-researched and presented depiction of this moment in history.  It was also a hoot.

Attention to detail: the Regimental Coat of the 29th Foot as issued before the 1768 Royal Warrant

Backstage (below stairs) at the Old State House
An apprentice and a gentleman of Boston
Grenadiers of the 29th and a seafaring man
Drummer of the 29th
Captain Preston of the 29th
Formation of the guard
Sentry by the Custom House
Samuel Gray in an uncharacteristically amicable association  with a Pve. of the 29th Foot.
Wharf Rats
At Union Oyster House (1st of several visits this day)

The Fallen
Enter, Stage Right
A dapper fellow
Samuel Gray at the Old State House
Lower sorts
The Vein Openers

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